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So, you got talked into cooking with a dutch oven, eh? Well, it's about time!

dutch oven cooking

Dutch oven cooking is one of the most splendid activities on a camping trip. Transforming raw materials into an aromatic, mouth-watering meal or dessert is as much art as science. Just the looks of anticipation on everyone's faces when you lift the lid on your cast-iron dutch oven and let some of the smells escape is worth the extra work of packing this heavy piece of gear.

On these pages, I've jotted down all the advice I can think of to help you choose a good dutch oven, get it ready, keep it in good shape, and use it to create magnificent meals. My dutch oven recipes give you a selection of dishes to prepare for breakfast, dinner, or dessert so find one that sounds good and give it a try when you want to go for something new.

dutch oven cook book

Most of the dutch oven cooking I do is on camping trips. But, using a dutch oven at home is also very popular since the food gets cooked at a constant, all-around temperature. There's nothing better than a wonderful dutch oven meal served for friends at home.

If you are just starting with dutch ovens, you should read through this site like a book. Or, use the navigation on the left to hop to any page that interests you.

Cook Away - Camp Cooking with Dutch Ovens

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dutch oven cooking
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