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A dutch oven is just the first step on this journey you've begun into the land of outdoors cooking. You've now got Birthday and Christmas presents lined up for the next few years if you don't get in too much of a hurry. There are a few tools you really should have for safety and basic cooking, but the rest can be acquired over time.

Replacement Parts

Well, there aren't many moving parts to break on a dutch oven :-) so replacement parts are rarely needed. But, that dropped lid that hit a rock and cracked or that bail handle that got all mangalated might be nice to replace.
I contacted Lodge Manufacturing and they have replacement bail handles for their dutch ovens for around $7.00 Their phone number is 423-837-7181 and you need to tell them the size of your oven.
If yours is not a Lodge, there's a good chance the handle wouldn't fit but then again it might. Or, you can contact the manufacturer of your dutch oven and ask them.
Lodge also has a selection of replacement lids in their catalog.

Prioritized Cooking Tools

Here's the things you can add to your collection in the order I believe they are most needed.

Other Items

Don't forget the mundane things that you need for cooking. I've seen all these things forgotten at one time or another:
bio soapwhiskbroomveggie peeler
spice rackmatchescan opener
hot pad holderaluminum foilpie tins
knivescutting boardcooking oil
cheese gratermeasuring cupspaper towels
bottle openerwater bottlebriquettes

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